Anand Vihar College For Women

NAAC Accreditated B+

Academic Management System

The College has the effervescent mechanism for academic management system along with delivery and documentation of the curriculum set by the University to achieve the educational, social and cultural objectives. The process emblazons planning and executions of curricular implementations in the meetings of Staff Council and Departmental Committees along with Principal of the college to determine workload, allocation of work, preparation of Time Table and enhancement of learning outcomes. The College emblazons extension and co-curricular activities that dovetail into teaching material and enhance it to accomplish effective delivery of the curriculum. Every department toils hard to intervene to enhance and enrich the learning outcomes along with the amalgamation of prowess and knowledge through the effective curriculum delivery. Departments organize expert lectures, training programs, seminars, workshops, symposia, and internships for overall development of students’ prowess. Students are always inclined to participate in classroom presentations and prepare projects to supplement and complement the prescribed curriculum in tangential ways. The process of teaching and learning is further documented and effectively delivered by the use of ICT tools and e-resources by all the faculty members. The College augments important innovative interventions in the Teaching-Learning process to facilitate the expansion of the prescribed syllabus in multiple directions and encourage the students of the entire spate to participate in various activities and courses with expert guidance from their mentors.

Anand Vihar College For Women
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