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The college has policies and procedures for maintenance and utilization of infrastructure and facilities in an effervescent manner. Staff council committees are responsible for decision-making and up gradation and maintenance of the same. The maintenance officer is responsible for general maintenance of the whole premises while ICT facilities are maintained by faculty of computer. In case of malfunctioning projector and any other equipment the authorized committees take care of the repair. Instructions are displayed outside the classrooms to maintain silence in the corridors and to avoid loitering.

  1. Electrical equipments are switched off after use and classrooms and labs are locked in the evening. Students are oriented to take care of the college property.
  2. Computers are password protected and are to be used only for academic purposes. Computers are shut down properly after use. Desktops and ACs are maintained and upgraded regularly with prompt approach.
  3. Shelves are provided outside the library, laboratories and resource rooms for keeping personal belongings and bags. Books and journals in the library are properly catalogued. Policies entail payment of fine in case of loss, damage and misuse of books and membership cards and for late return.
  4. Maintenance of the garden includes weeding, watering, managing, grass cutting, pruning, landscaping and beautification of the plants of the college. These plants are used for various academic and medicinal purposes also.
  5. Sports ground is also maintained by maintenance officer through continuous monitoring. Security guards are also present at the sports ground entrance. The volleyball and basketball nets are checked regularly for any damage or repair.
  6. Cleanliness and sanitation of the entire premises is maintained by maintenance staff through sanitation staff, Dustbins are placed at various places to avoid littering and the agency cleans the premises twice a day to maintain hygiene and cleanliness.
  7. Sanitizers are installed at strategic locations in the premises. A sanitary pad vending machine is installed for the convenience of the students of the college.
  8. The college canteen caters hygienic food items to staff and students. Adherence to norms for cleanliness, quality and hygiene of food is monitored by the Canteen Committee.

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